The Lagoon, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Meat Dishes

"Straight from the Butchers Block to the Open Flame Grill

we offer you a selection of Prime Cuts of Namibian Meat

simply basted with Olive Oil & sprinkled with Sea Salt

for you to enjoy the full natural flavours."


How to order your meat:

Rare - Horns and Hair off - the simpler the better. Succulent

and filled with flavour.

Medium Rare - Settling Down. Gently cooked on the outside, with the

full flavours still intact.

Medium - Still delicately pink in the centre, with some of the

original flavour.

Medium Well - Thoroughly cooked - but drying out and the flavour


Well Done - Finish en klaar! (Not recommended by our chefs)

 300g Beef Fillet  
 300g Game Fillet  
 450g Beef Rump  
 250g Beef Rump  
 300g Kudu Sirloin  
 300g Oryx Sirloin  


Royal Chicken A' La Raft

Crumbed Breast of chicken, topped with chopped Ham

and melted Cheddar & Mozzarella cheeses.



Vienna Schnitzel

200g Crumbed Pork cutlet, topped with Mushroom sauce.





  One whole Kilo (uncooked weight)   

                        Half a Kilo (uncooked weight)         


All of the above accompanied by your choice of;

Asian fried Rice, Shoestring French Fries, Baked potato,

 Vegetable Couscous

or Basil Mashed Potato and a garnish salad.


and don't forget that..........................

Thursday, Friday and Saturday is...........



whole pork knuckle, slow cooked in a Bouillon of mixed Vegetables,

Caraway seeds, Juniper Berries, Bay leaves and

Fresh Parsley then Roasted for that

delicious authentic crispy crackling.

Served with creamy Mashed potato,

Red Cabbage & Sauerkraut

accompied by a tasty sauce of

Apples, Cider, Butter, Apple Jelly & Fresh cream.

...........ask your water for details...........








 What they say about us;

If you are in Namibia you need to visit the Raft
I love the Raft,  I have been there about a dozen times over the last 2 years and always look forward to coming back.  Great staff, great manager and tonight I finally met the owner Sarah who is just lovely.   I love this place, if you are in Namibia then you need to come to the Raft, Its the best place to eat in town. I recommend it to everyone I know.  The food is excellent, the view is spectacular, its a great place to spend a night with your family or freinds.  I have been here about a dozen times over the past couple of years and always look forward to coming back.  If I had one complaint it would have to be - the Crocodile was off the menu... (sorry, but I do love the Bushmans Platter with the Crocodile)  Thank you to you all, I look forward coming back next week before returning to the UK.  David Carroll Director Purple Pear Creations Web Design Ltd UK  PS Get yourself a Facebook page so we can all like everything about the Raft... 

What a pleasure to find such a great place on our travels through Namibia.

We liked it so much we came back twice. -S. R. Australia

We are from California-USA, and your restaurant was a perfect end to our time in Namibia. -Joseph

Les Otaries ne font pas assez de spectacle.Superbe soirée, -Mera Switzerland

The best seafood I have ever eaten! -Natalia Czechoslovakia

Thoroughly enjoyed our evening. Lovely atmosphere, warm fire, friendly staff and divine food. Great to visit you in Walvis. Would love to come back one day. Thanks for excellent service. -C.W.G.

Sorry but we think you have to move your outstanding, extraordinary restaurant to another place- our home town in Austria for example. We will be back. Svelyn and Chuish

Ein lob an die gute kuche!! Wir waren sehr zufriendin G.Germany

Quality is when the client comes back not the product. We’ll come back. -M. P.

Have been coming here since 1 ½ years ago, when we moved to Walvis Bay Best in Southern Africa!  -Victor & Hanlé

Excellent Restaurant! The finest place we have eaten in Namibia!  A.P. UK

Congratulations to the chef! C. I. Belguim

We wish we lived nearer to you, so we could be regular customers. This was our first experience at your Restaurant and we will be back!  -Mike & Linda Liverpool